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Integrio Uptime Scout Free Download For Windows

Integrio Uptime Scout monitors the availability of supervised websites and notifies users if their servers are up or down.
Basic graphical user interface
The layout of the application is reduced to only two tabs: one shows the present servers that are being supervised and the other allows basic settings to be tweaked.
Users can add websites in the tracking list via '+' and '-' symbols, and can get servers tested via the small lightning symbol next to the 'test log' list. Every major feature of this program is extremely accessible and visible.
You are allowed to set up and store authentication parameters (username and password) for the target server, build up a list with the servers that you want to keep an eye on, as well as edit or delete servers.
Simple but effective features
Integrio Uptime Scout allows users to be notified of website status changes via different options. Popup messages and sound alerts are some of the supported notifications. In case servers fail, users can introduce a command to be executed automatically on the first or every failed attempt to connect to servers.
Commands can also run third-party tools that will elaborate the problem. E-mails can be added on the list of notifications in case a broader audience needs to know the current server status.
The monitoring frequency is variable. Users can set it for 5 minutes or 30 seconds, and can change the timeout period manually from the default of 60 seconds. Additionally, users can connect to servers via a URL, or add a proxy port or a proxy address.
Integrio Uptime Scout offers basic yet efficient monitoring capabilities. It has several notification methods, and can run third-party apps automatically in case a server shutdown occurs. Users can be notified in many ways that include local sound and popup alerts, while e-mails can be sent to various addresses in case more people need to be kept in touch with the overall situation.


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Download ►►►►► https://fancli.com/2mlin0






Integrio Uptime Scout Crack + Free

Integrio Uptime Scout is the most powerful free program designed for managing website availability. The program is completely free.
If you want to know if your websites are down or not, you can easily let the program do the work for you.
Integrio Uptime Scout Features:
1. Uptime Scout comes with the possibility to check if the servers are down. Users can check the servers they own, or the servers that they want to check.
2. Uptime Scout can run 3rd party programs on servers that is down.
3. Uptime Scout offers the possibility to see when the servers are up, and when they are down, and why.
4. Uptime Scout can provide information about the uptime of the server.
5. Uptime Scout offers many ways to get notified. Users can be notified if a server is up or down, and if there is an error on the server. Users can be notified by e-mail, SMS, and by popups.
6. Uptime Scout comes with a light user interface. Uptime Scout is so light, that there is no need to have a graphical user interface on your screen while the server is down.
7. Uptime Scout can be used on any device with an internet connection. Users can be notified of the down servers without even installing it.
Uptime Scout Limitations:
1. Uptime Scout cannot detect the connection of the server. The server must be online and in response to a connection.
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Integrio Uptime Scout Crack+ [32|64bit]

SYSTEM Health Monitoring Tool for Microsoft Windows
Allowed for non-commercial use
What is new in version 1.4.7:
* New features: Support for a
Symbian OS version; Dynamic configuration
of the maximum number of visited websites;
New tool called ‘Integrio Uptime Scout Crack Keygen’ for
monitoring resources from within the program
* Removed features: Simplified setup
process; Window location options

FAPS-Client Description:
Easy to use Web Client
What is new in version 3.0.0:
* Optimization of the Windows version;
* Integration with WordPress;
* New and modified features: The icon is now
updated automatically; When a new website is
visited, a new icon appears. However, the
previous icon will be kept in cache and
synchronized with the database; New
settings: The setting ‘Auto Notification’ can
be enabled to enable or disable the
notification of website updates; The
settings ‘Scheduled URL’ and ‘Stop URL’ can
be enabled to create a URL link or a task
which can be run at a specific date and time;
Support for web forms: The option to edit the
‘Webforms’ appears after the user logs in;
The User Name and Password are saved in the
database; When a website is visited, the
name of the browser and the URL can be
remembered; The default language can be
changed; The ‘Make Payment’ option was
removed from the main window

Web Server/Website Tools Description:
An excellent Web Server and Website management
tool which integrates with your website,
changes where it loads from, shows you how
many visitors it’s receiving, gives you
access to a manager console, allows you to
modify your cookies, show your users and log
in details, check the Last Modified and
Date Accessed data of your site
Trial use is possible
Trial version $22, from US$99/year
What is new in version 6.5.5:
* New features: A new interface which
reduces page load time; A new feature for
enhanced management of files, folders and
clients; A new feature for file creation,

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What’s New in the Integrio Uptime Scout?

Web site monitoring software for tracking the health and availability of Internet sites and services. This software notifies you via e-mail if a site or service is down, as well as when it is restored.
You can add Web sites to the log file to be monitored, and when a site is down or unavailable, this is reported to you via e-mail.
When a site is down, you can be notified of it via popup, sound, and e-mail messages. You can also run commands to your Web server, such as ping or go.
Intuitive user interface
Basic yet easy to use, the software has only one screen, showing a list of servers that have been added to the monitoring log. Users can add Web sites to the log file via a "+" or "-" symbol, as well as monitor sites via the "lightning" symbol to the left of the "log" menu. The items are intuitive and easy to understand.
You can add authentication parameters to the target server, and edit or delete the server from the log.
Additional functions
You can run commands to be executed automatically when a server is down, such as ping or go. This includes a few third-party applications such as NetStat, Ping, and WinPatrol.
Integrio Uptime Scout allows you to connect to a server via a URL or port, or add a proxy to the connection address.
Integrio Uptime Scout is freeware. You are free to use the application, without any restrictions.

Your application log files and e-mail accounts are usually located on the server that hosts the application, and not within your personal computer. These servers are sometimes designated by a name that includes a part of the host computer, or by a URL that contains the name.
As the name of your application log indicates, it will generally report on errors, or the status of your application. In some cases, the application will also report on a connection to your application servers.
This software package reports on the availability of the log file, e-mail accounts, and application servers. It will also notify you when it finds any errors in your log file. The package includes its own notification method, and can send notification messages to your e-mail accounts.
Also included in this software package is an easy to use application manager that allows you to schedule or run application tasks.
Web site monitoring software for tracking the health and availability of Internet sites and services.
This software notifies you via e-mail if a site or service is down, as well as when it is restored.
You can add Web sites to the log file to be monitored, and when a site is down or unavailable, this is reported to you via e-mail.
When a site is

System Requirements:

Mac OS
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
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