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NordVPN is one of the most well-established names in the industry with a long history of providing users from all over the world with top-tier VPN services.
Excellent security features, above-average connections speeds, user-orientated experiences, and user-friendly GUIs, great customer support, as well as arguably noteworthy pricing plans are just some aspects that have helped NordVPN climb its way to the top of the ladder.
NordVPN Teams – general presentation
The latest product to come out from the company behind the famous VPN service is NordVPN Teams. As its name states, it's all about providing an efficient way of organizing, managing, and protecting business networks and providing a secure way of accessing corporate data.
NordVPN Teams encompasses pretty much the same network and technology as NordVPN's popular consumer product, but with a few tweaks to make it better suited for the corporate environment.
NordVPN Team's web console explained
The main element is the app's control panel that acts as a centralized web control module. The web console allows network administrators to configure the service for every user of the enterprise.
As mentioned above, the app's main element is the web dashboard. Network administrators, or people in charge, can manage the network, monitor the situation, add users, create permissions, custom gateways, assign dedicated serves, and pretty much decide which specific team can access what.
Other features aimed at corporate environments
The Windows app (please note that NordVPN Teams is also available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux) is a lot more simplistic than that of the consumer product. The app is pretty much represented by a sleek sidebar with a list of countries alongside a pretty minute Settings section.
While we're on the subject, for security reasons, the list of supported countries/servers is a bit short when compared to the consumer product (only 31 countries, while NordVPN has 59).
Other business-oriented features include a centralized billing solution (just one invoice for the company), improved customer support, and transferable licenses (useful in situations where one or more employees leave).
Pricing plans
The service is available via three pricing plans: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise.
The reasonably priced Basic plan covers all the important core functions. Things like user management from the aforementioned web console, centralized billings, support for logging via third-party apps, mobile and desktop apps, transferable licenses, and so forth.
The Advanced plan comes with support for custom gateways and adds a dedicated account manager, as well as the ability to add dedicated servers with fixed IPs. Last but not least, the Advanced plan also comes with a very valuable 24/7 tech support with extra priority.
The Enterprise plan is all about top-tier security solutions such as next-gen site-to-site capabilities, centralized configurations and management, support for LDAP active directory, API access, 24/7 phone support, on-premise dedicated servers, custom logo, and app colors, as well as other premium features.
NordVPN Teams is a quality service that has all the bespoke tools, apps, and features to ensure that modern corporations and enterprises and all their employees have their network access protected.


Download ->>->>->> https://tlniurl.com/2ma0r3

Download ->>->>->> https://tlniurl.com/2ma0r3






NordLayer Download 2022 [New]

NordVPN Teams is a VPN service for businesses. It provides the management and security tools you need to secure and manage your enterprise. With NordVPN Teams, you can:
– Manage your VPN connections for your users.
– Create a secure network for your staff
– Install and manage custom apps on your users’ devices.
– Track your network traffic.
– Prevent unauthorized access to your network.
– Provide secure access to business applications.
NordVPN Teams is the only VPN that features NordVPN’s exceptional P2P network technology, which enables you to create your own VPN network or create your own VPN network using NordVPN’s secure site-to-site VPN technology.
NordVPN Teams Features:
– Perform Firewall and Access Control.
– Automatically Detect Devices.
– Detect Apps and automatically select the best VPN for them.
– Create and Manage Customers.
– Manage and Install Apps on Users’ Devices.
– Block Malicious Apps.
– Disable Apps.
– Control Apps Access.
– Set Logging.
– Create Access Policies.
– Set Bandwidth Usage Limits.
– Audit Users’ Network Connections.
– Manage All VPNs from a Single Dashboard.
– Access All Features from One Dashboard.
– Manage VPN Names and Their Interactions.
– Manage DNS and DPI.
– Manage Firewall.
– Download & Install Custom Apps.
– Install Apps on All Devices.
– Enable Auto-Log.
– Manage VPN Connections.
– Disable VPNs.
– Enable Private Network & Site-To-Site.
– Extend VPNs.
– Set Passwords and Encryption.
– Set Security Policy.
– Disable Interface.
– Enable Connection Sharing.
– Change Access Points.
– Manage VPN Network, DNS, Proxy.
– Maintain VPN Policy.
– Set Proxies and IPs.
– Detect Connections.
– Manage Routing Policy.
– Remove Routing Policy.
– Manage NAT.
– Block Malware.
– Block Spam & Phishing.
– Block Ransomware.
– Block DDoS.
– Manage Firewall.
– Manage AV.
– Manage Bandwidth.
– Manage DPI.
– Manage DNS.
– Manage IP Forwarding

NordLayer [March-2022]

In the last few years, the ransomware industry has become a real headache for every Internet user. In 2017 alone, the number of victims rose from 1,552 cases to 56,590, which shows that ransomware attacks are on the rise.
The lack of awareness and the lack of a strong security policy made ransomware the top choice for online criminals who will not hesitate to use their victims’ systems to mine cryptocurrencies for further profit.
KEYMACRO solves this problem by allowing users to keep their work safe even when a computer is locked or corrupted by ransomware. The tool enables users to encrypt and then restore important files, which eliminates the need for reinstallation and reinstalling all the work and all the data.
KEYMACRO 1.0.1 provides the following functions:
► Protects all of your files from ransomware infection by encrypting them before they are attacked by a hacker.
► Works on all of your devices: desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, and smartphone.
► Provides a full package of tools that you need to protect your important files from unauthorized access and attacks.
KEYMACRO’s features:
► Protects from all attacks: before the ransomware infection, keymacro will immediately encrypt your files, which will ensure that all your files are safe and protected from any attempt to decrypt them.
► Rebuilds your files: if you are locked by ransomware, keymacro will decrypt all your files, which will ensure that your files are still safe, restored, and ready to use.
► Will not affect your PC performance: keymacro will not interfere with your PC’s performance and speed, and it will not slow down your PC in any way.
► It is the only free solution: keymacro is completely free of cost and it is completely safe and does not have any hidden fees. You will have to pay only when you have a full data backup from other service providers.
► It is highly compatible with all software: keymacro is compatible with all software, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Chrome, Safari, and many others.
► Comes with 24/7 support: you can always call the customer support team and get assistance whenever you need.
► It provides free trail: you will get a full 30-day trial, which gives you the chance to experience the effectiveness and safety of the tool.
► It is 100% safe: keymacro is one of the safest tools that have been developed by any

NordLayer Incl Product Key

ExpressVPN is another respected VPN service with an excellent reputation. While the company is much younger than NordVPN (that’s how it found its way to the ground in 2008), it has already developed a lot of experience and a reputation for quality.
ExpressVPN offers its services via two main platforms: a Windows client and a Mac application. The Windows app is reasonably user-friendly and comes with an intuitive interface.
ExpressVPN Windows app explained
ExpressVPN offers its services via a user-friendly Windows app. The app comes with support for P2P connections, a kill switch, and VPN servers in 62 countries.
Other features include a No Logs policy, automatic connection, P2P auto-connect, built-in kill switch, OpenVPN protocol, support for BitTorrent protocol, support for OpenVPN protocol (UPnP), IPsec, and L2TP, along with various connection settings.
ExpressVPN is supported by a solid base of server locations, with over 30 servers across 12 locations.
Pricing plans
ExpressVPN has three main pricing plans, each of which has their perks.
ExpressVPN’s Basic plan is a rather bare-bones solution. It includes all the core functions, but it’s not as powerful as the other plans.
ExpressVPN’s Standard plan adds some extra bells and whistles. It comes with unlimited simultaneous connections, a higher number of servers in 60 locations, and the ability to create up to 4 additional users.
The Premium plan features dedicated servers in 4 locations, support for 6 simultaneous connections, built-in auto-connect, 24/7 customer support, and higher privacy policies (encryption through OpenVPN protocol).
Other considerations
The service isn’t perfect. Some connections are actually faster than others (although we’d still consider them stable), and some providers can be a bit slow in responding to VPN speed requests.
Nonetheless, ExpressVPN remains an excellent service, thanks to the strong community of users and the many suggestions and recommendations available on the site.
CyberGhost is yet another product from the company that launched the infamous CyberGhost service. While it is not widely known, the company has built quite a reputation for itself over the years, with a number of high-quality products to its name.
CyberGhost VPN Windows app explained
CyberGhost is a Windows app with a straightforward interface. The app comes with a sleek appearance, an intuitive interface, and a good number of features.
We like how the service lets

What’s New In NordLayer?


Aiming to provide enhanced security and network protection, NordVPN provides a strong, powerful VPN solution. You can connect to a server in over 90 countries and access blocked websites and apps. The encryption is state-of-the-art and protects your data and online privacy with 256-bit AES encryption. With NordVPN you can access Netflix, Spotify, and other blocked streaming apps and sites and access uncensored content for free.
* – Unlimited: No limit on number of connections
* – Works from almost any device: Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop
* – Easy setup: Easy to use
* – No logins or passwords: logins are generated automatically based on your IP address, country and device type
* – No restrictions: no time limit, no geographical limits, no monthly fee
* – 3+ years: offers 3-year money back guarantee with 90 days
* – Provides VPN server to USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Ireland, and the Philippines
* – Easy to use: connection is setup automatically in a few seconds and does not require the use of logins and passwords
* – Supports both L2TP/PPTP, and IPSec VPNs
* – Unlimited Bandwidth: does not limit the amount of bandwidth used, does not even check the usage
* – No speed limit: this service does not limit the amount of data transferred per day or per month
* – Many operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile
* – No time limit: does not place any time limits on the duration of your VPN connection
* – No geographical limitations: this service is available in over 90 countries worldwide
* – No monthly fee: no extra charges
* – Easy to install: is a simple one-click installation on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone
* – Easy to use: is a simple, easy to use solution and does not require technical knowledge or advanced tools to use
* – Great network stability: a lot of reviews say that this service is rock solid in terms of network stability and that it does not affect the performance of the device
* – Accepts Bitcoin: you can pay using bitcoin
* – Support 24/7: you can connect at any time and can reach the support team any time
* – Great customer service: if you have a question or problem, the team is there to help you

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• Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later
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• Free Hard Disk Space: 150 MB or more


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