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This application is a Geosoft data analysis tool for Windows. The program allows you to view and analyze the data contained by the Geosoft files. You can access and import data from a local geographical database or a file in.Geosoft format, then create and update charts, maps, databases and analysis grids. The program also allows you to analyze the location using its altitude spectral analysis grid.

Features of Oasis Montaj Viewer Edition Torrent Download

The user-friendly and easy to use interface provides you with access to a convenient set of tools, which allow you to view and analyze the data contained by the imported files.
You can create a new map, based on the imported data and view the changes that took place at a certain location.
You can easily recolor maps, databases and grids by adding information about new geographic locations.
Use the program to update the information contained by the database, by adding new global coordinates and spectral codes to the geographical records.
Additionally, you can view any map, database or grid contained by a Geosoft file, by importing it into the program.

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Release Type


Java(TM) 7

Java(TM) 6

Java(TM) 5.5

Java(TM) 5

RocamSoft Java Client 1.0 Beta 3

Supported platforms

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Mac OS X


RocamSoft Java Client 1.0 Beta 3

Java version:





Java platform:


Mac OS X


RocamSoft Java Client 1.0 Beta 3

Platform support:


Mac OS X


Installation and use

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Download RocamSoft Java Client

RocamSoft Java Client 1.0

RocamSoft Java Client 1.0 Beta 3







Home page

Portable Version

What’s new in RocamSoft Java Client 1.0 Beta 3

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What’s New in the Oasis Montaj Viewer Edition?

Oasis Montaj Viewer Edition allows you to view and analyze the data contained by Geosoft files, by importing it from a database. As an advanced geographical information analyzer, this software allows you to create new maps, based on the data imported from a database, and allow you to recolor and update a specific map with a new version of the geographical data.
This software allows you to analyze and view any map, database or grid contained by Geosoft files, so that you may come to a conclusion about the characteristics of a location.
• Allows you to see the geographical information contained by Geosoft files in new maps, thus allowing you to create new maps.
• Makes it possible to re-color a map in order to change the color and style of certain geographical areas.
• Allows you to add new information about geographical locations, using global coordinates and spectral codes.
• Allows you to update a particular map, using information from the geographical database, by recoloring and updating the map, using new information from the geographical database.
• Allows you to import Geosoft files from a database, thus allowing you to analyze the data.
• Allows you to import any map, database or grid contained by Geosoft files, so that you may come to a conclusion about the characteristics of a location.
• Allows you to view and analyze the data contained by Geosoft files, using filters and various charting options.
• Allows you to view the results of the analyzes, thus allowing you to create graphics, charts and tables to display the results.


Advanced Geosoft Viewer Edition
Software Product

Advanced Geosoft Viewer Edition software is a very powerful application designed to easily view and analyze Geosoft data files. By using this application, you may conveniently access a number of different maps, including the following:
* Searchable Maps: A database of Geosoft maps
* Virtual Maps: A selection of Geosoft maps
* Heat Maps: A map of the temperature of certain locations
* Landscape: A map of the physical characteristics of a certain location
* Altitude Spectral Analysis: A map of the altitude of certain locations, including altitude grids
* Correlation Maps: A map of the correlations between two coordinates
* Man-Made Features: A map of the Man-Made features of a certain location
* Underwater: A map of the underwater features of a certain location
* Barcode Generator: A map of a certain geographical area and the barcode for a specific database
* Selected Feature: A map showing a selected feature of a certain location
In order to analyze the data contained by Geosoft files, you could use Geosoft Viewer Edition, a powerful software solution designed to display the data contained by Geos

System Requirements For Oasis Montaj Viewer Edition:

Windows 10/Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
2 GHz processor
1024 x 768 resolution
DirectX 11
Steam account
Gamepad support
PC System Requirements:
Hard Drive Space: 4 GB
How To Install:
Just download the.exe or.msi file from the link below. Install it on your PC and play it.
Pc Download
Bag of Tricks Mod Mod Tools – Pc Game
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